The Power of Being Thankful

Words are powerful things. They can disarm you, as well as disable you. Words likewise don’t spring forth from thin air. They are born when thoughts pass through your lips. Perhaps we need to repurpose our vocabulary to include words of thanks. Thankfulness is a powerful confession that can infuse you with power and energy. Your joy is safeguarded by a thankful spirit. Everything that is good and fruitful flows from a thankful spirit. Thanksgiving is an inoculation against the buffeting winds of negativity. In the midst of a storm, you will be counting  blessings instead of bruises.

In a time of tragedy, the thankful spirit enables us to journey down the road to healing much faster, bypassing crippling anger that brings others to their knees. Thanksgiving is contagious!

“In everything give thanks:” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Alright, it’s not easy. Practice makes perfect. Lets start today!