Children’s children.

There’s a wonderful verse in the Book of Proverbs, the 17th Chapter:

“Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” (17:6)

This is a verse that jumps out to those of us in the latter portions of our journey on this earth. I look back upon so many priorities that once held my attention. They seem so trivial now. Here’s an important lesson I learned: when you peal back life to find it’s richest meaning, it is found in family. Everything else has purpose, but family has meaning. You may be surrounded by countless things you may have purchased over the years, but it is the smile of a child, freely given, that ultimately warms your heart. So I rest, just short of the promised land. These latter years provide plenty of time to reflect upon the future as well as the past. I have peace with God, and my future is secured in Him. I am not fixated on the future. I am drawn to the past. What a life it has been! Ups and downs, highs and lows. Joy and sadness each had their moment. All of that is overshadowed, however by another emotion- pride. I’m not speaking of pride in myself, or anything I might have done. This enormous pride comes from seeing the wonderful legacy that will carry on in my children, and my children’s children long after I am gone. What a thrill it is to watch a child, like a flower in the field, blossom into something unique and beautiful before your eyes. They eventually scatter all over the country, yet seem only a heartbeat away.

If that wasn’t enough, you receive a double blessing as grandchildren grace your life….yea, even great grandchildren! They all represent the best part of my life- each one given a chance to accomplish far greater things than I was able to. That is the essence of every father’s hope and dream.

Yes, life has it’s struggles and disappointments, but the rewards are rich and overwhelming. You can never say it enough: I love my family. Enjoy every moment, because the are precious.

“As Time Goes By” performed by Orville Wright

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