I know my Redeemer liveth!

It’s time again to focus on the most important event in human history- the Resurrection of Christ. All our hope is in vain if Christ’s story ends with a simple death and burial. Our faith and trust lies in a Savior who conquered death, and rose from the grave!

That blessed hope brings with it peace and power to the believer. You may not fully appreciate that power until you find yourself powerless. It is then when you find that your deposit of faith in Christ can actually pay dividends! Faith deposited over a lifetime can enable you to withdraw peace in a time of trouble. The larger your “faith account” becomes, the more peace will be available in an hour of need.

An example? How about Job? Job was an Old Testament saint who was able to withstand enormous persecution and pain. He was still standing after his life was torn apart and destroyed. Where did he get such strength? Perhaps it was his confession, found in Chapter 19:

“For I know that my redeemer liveth”

Faith in God bore fruit. This was the confession of a man who would not bow to people nor powers that would destroy him. His faith in God empowered him to stand when others would fall. I didn’t fully understand the power of faith until a trial of my own presented itself a few months ago. Without warning, during a routine yearly physical, I was diagnosed with a faulty aortic valve. Fast forward to today. As I sit writing this blog, I face open heart surgery in less than two days. My chest will be opened; my heart will be stopped. A heart/lung machine will keep me alive as my heart is repaired, and the valve replaced. Even more amazing than that- I have a peace about the whole thing!

There’s no logical explanation for the peace I now experience. Perhaps it comes from years of reading the Bible, learning to trust that God has everything under control. The faith that I first expressed at an old fashioned altar at a New Year’s Eve church service in 1974 has grown and now is paying dividends in my time of uncertainty. Obviously God has everything under control! He is the author and finisher of my faith. He is my rock, my fortress, my God, my strength in whom I can trust! He’s the buckler, the horn of my salvation, my high tower! He has promised that not only has he begun a good work in me, but he will see it through to completion! My future is only just beginning. To be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. God has every moment mapped out in advance.

That kind of hope, peace and trust can only come through a relationship with God. I know my redeemer liveth! That resurrection power still resonates in our lives today! It is never too late to begin to deposit your faith in God. Don’t wait until a time of trouble and find out that you are spiritually bankrupt. Make that life-changing decision today.

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